My onsite leasing program allows you to experience ownership without the full burden or expense. Leasing eliminates the often long and pain staking search
for the right horse, expensive pre-purchase exam and the obligation of the training and physical maintenance of the horse.
For pricing information contact Judy Watson. Leasers are given guidelines to assist in keeping the horse comfortable and secure in his training. These horses are used
in a college program and during those two-hour sessions, the animal would
not be available for that time slot.
If you have your own tack and it fits the horse of your choice, you are welcome to use your own equipment. If White Buffalo tack is used, you would be taught
how to properly care for the saddle and bridle.

Summer camp is offered through Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Parks and Recreation as well as direct sign up.
Summer Camp:  Fun, summer horse camp is offered Monday through Friday from 9am to 12 noon.  After a week at camp, most young riders will know if they ever want to actually own a horse or pony.  They will learn full responsibility of the care and work needed to protect and keep healthy our wonderful equine friends.  As with any relationship, good nurturing leads to the fruits of rewards; the ride.  All time at camp is spent with the horse learning to groom, tack and ride.  We do arena work as well as learn how to safely negotiate trail walks in the woods.  A take home horse related craft will be worked on during the week in a/c room for the last 30 minutes of each day.  At that time, campers will have an opportunity to cool down, relax and talk about the days activities.

  • Rt. 66 West to Gainsville South exit to Rt. 29
  • Continue Rt. 29 South (taking the Warrenton bypass) for 26 miles
  • Exit onto Rt. 3 Fredericksburg/Culpeper heading toward Fredericksburg.
  • After passing over Rt. 29 make right turn onto Rt. 522. Continue 8.3 miles
  • Turn left onto Rt. 611 (after passing Bakers gas station/convenience store
  • Continue 5 miles to right hand turn on Muster Field Rd. (marker – white church on right)
  • Take Rt. 20 from Orange toward Rt. 3
  • Make left hand turn onto Rt. 522 (by BP gas station)
  • Turn right onto Rt. 663 (True Blue Rd).
  • At fork by white church stay to right onto Old Office Road
  • Turn left onto Muster Field Rd. (by large oak tree)
  • 4325 will be on right hand side.
  • Merge onto VA-3 W via EXIT 130B toward Culpeper.
  • Turn Leftonto VA-20/Constitution Hwy.
  • Turn Right onto Zoar Rd. Rt. 611.
  • Zoar Rd becomes Raccoon Ford Rd.
  • Turn Left onto Muster Field Rd.