Judy Watson, my philosophy in the world of Horse

I have spent three decades plus learning from the horse and developing the “center” to effectively work in their world. There are no two alike. Being aware and willing to adapt style, effort & energy toward each is a life teaching experience.
The horse is the most noble of animals that gives expression and joy to my life.

My first saddle was the completely flat, close contact hunt saddle that I used in the hunt arena, cross country eventing,
and field hunting. That saddle has served me for over 25 years and continues work in my barn today. I have added the dressage passion and saddle and the western ride as well. I enjoy and respect all disciplines and feel they compliment one another. A good balanced seat, works in any tack.

My riders are first taught respect for the horse. We are entering their world and we must learn to speak a language they can understand. This brings us to riding skill and “the aids” Fairness in application and consistency in use makes the horse our willing partner; then, we can learn and progress. Again, no two horses are alike. Learning to “speak” through your ride is a delightful challenge and experience.

The most definitive exposure that elevated my ride was with Julie Ulrich at Friars Gate Farm in Middleburg, Va. I was a working student and part of her barn for 12 years. Many of Europe’s Grand Prix rider hopefuls studied and rode with her. Her talent and work ethic became my guide. She now lives and continues her work in Bourgeauville, France.