Atticus: My personal horse. 17’2 hand Oldenburg. Atticus (show name Westsider) had an impressive show career before coming to me to become a dressage horse. He was an equitation over fences horse who competed at the top levels; McClay Finals and top shows across the country. No rides on him.  
Callie: 15’3 hand Paint Mare. Beautiful girl with all smooth gaits. She can do a bit of everything. Accepts Western and English tack. Has a quiet attitude but without proper preparation can be resistant to “real” work.  
Jesse James: Big 15.3 plus quarter horse buckskin gelding. He's a rescue that almost didnt make it. 11 years old and never ridden. Jesse has been most generous in allowing us on his back and trying to learn to be a pleasure horse.  
Jolie: 4 year old Tb mare just off the race track. She wants to be quiet but is still a bit forward looking for that big race.  
Makin-a-Suit: TB 4 year old gelding just months off the track. He's gentle, quiet and in the process of learning how to be a riding horse.  
Duke: 17 hand Clydesdale. Gentle giant (actually small for a Clydesdale). Basic schooling is in place. Arena canter work needs to be addressed. Will walk and trot for anyone. Accepts Western and English tack.  
Rising Phoenix: 16’1 hand chestnut Thoroughbred gelding with 1/8 Clydesdale. Phoenix has a good base of education. He has shown quite a bit in English pleasure. He’ll hack with the best of them but does not want to jump. I showed him at Commonwealth Park in a VADA NOVA Dressage show and he did a good job at Training Level. Likes to trail ride and bring up the rear.  
Reese (Gene’s Falcon): 16 hand Thoroughbred gelding who raced one year. Basic quiet guy but has the Thoroughbred spirit. He has shown over fences with nice style. Not a beginner type horse but not a difficult ride.  
Champagne: 11 year old Buckskin mare who was a rescue horse taken in by White Buffalo Farm. The Germanna Horse class spent many hours grooming, medicating sores and reassuring the some of the horses rescued by Orange County. We picked Champagne to adopt and made her part of our family.  
Tre: 17.2 hand, fully registered Quarter horse, 7 years of age as of 2009. He is wonderfully gentle, a little green but happy to learn and take treats from anyone willing to produce a carrot.  
Soxy: Twenty year veteran who has mastered all disciplines. Once, world pain champion. He's evented, hunters, dressage, and western.  
Spike: Tb gelding on vacation from real work. Raced and jumper for many year, now Spike is agreeing to work less, go slower and try to gain some weight!  
Velvet: Everyone loves Velvet. 15 hand black Connemara mare with a good education. She can go from complete beginner to carrying a junior over a course of jumps  
Missy: 8 year old Tb mare who spent several years racing and is now retired from the track and learning a new job as a pleasure horse. Missy is a beautiful bay with a great disposition with a more than willing forward ride.  
Carmel: Wonder pony. 13 hands Halflinger gelding that is as wide as the ocean and refuses to diet. He has done it all. I ride him in the Quadrilles that my team performs.  
June Bug: Warmblood medium bay pony who is the newest to the farm. We are in the process of introducing June Bug to her new job and her new friends. Only time will tell if she likes her newly found profession.  
Omaar: Large, bay, registered Arabian gelding. Omaar has done it all and with great success. He moves with suspension and faces any fence with commitment and confidence. He is kind and safe; one of my favorite rides.  
RosaBella: Quarter pony mare with attitude to spare. Small, forward, educated and willing to work.  
Bunker: Five year old pony in work project. Delightful to the eye, smooth and capable but just not sure he really wants to work.