Class Description:  This entry level class is a no pressure, individually paced exposure to the wonderful partnership between horse and rider.  We take the approach of the need to understand the horse's mind, the process of training and how to use the mutual language of riding aids to communicate commands on horseback.  We will take you through how to safely remove your horse from their paddock, halter, groom, tack, adjust all equipment, properly mount and start the process of developing correct riding position.  This is an exciting, challenging sport as it requires a level of trust and willingness on both participants; rider and horse.

* Rainy days will offer opportunities in the barn to learn more extensive skills such as mane pulling, braiding, tack cleaning and watching equine training videos.
*As you pass through the initial beginners stage, more skilled exercises will be added.

Group lessons are offered through Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Parks and Recreation as well as direct sign up.
Germanna Community College:
PED128-01, Horseback  Riding is offered at Germanna College and is an inclusive course covering many aspects of the equine world.  Some of the topics covered are the various riding disciplines, basic health issues including deworming, immunizations, dental health, vital signs and common illness.  Students learn how to work around the farm and help with the maintenance of the horse's environment.  Field trip to a local horse show is taken and the requirements of show riding are covered.  This is an accredited course.